Celebrate 2024 with an Astrological Reading! 

Your Reading will guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and a clarity about your life's purpose.

Prior to our birth, we chose the lessons our soul needs to learn. A reading can confirm what those lessons are and what actions can be taken to advance our souls' higher evolution.

To schedule a reading, please provide 3 dates and times below. Once your appointment time is scheduled, you will receive email confirmation. You will receive detailed email instructions for in person, phone session or zoom. Payment is required once date is established.

NEW: Contact us for information about Group Readings!

To schedule your reading please provide the following information:

Readings are available locally in person, or via Zoom or Phone.

The price for a ½ hour reading is $60. ½ hour readings are in-depth and full of information. We currently have ½ hour appointments available

The price for a one-hour reading is $150. One-hour readings are fully booked until October 2024.

Paypal or Credit Card Payments must be made in advance once appointment has been scheduled.

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