Why Astrology?

I believe we are all born with personal mission statements – the reason we are here.  The goals we came to accomplish. A goal can be as simple as to relax this life, or learn forgiveness.  It can take the form of an occupation or successfully navigating a particular relationship.

Our Own Personal Blueprint

If only we were given a spiritual blueprint at our birth detailing our purpose here. Wouldn’t that be something.   As it turns out, we are. It’s called an astrological chart.

This chart does not determine our fate, but does give us insight into our deepest longings as well as how to achieve them.

Not all Capricorns are the Same

Understandably, it is hard to fathom how knowing that you are a Pisces, or Scorpio for instance, can provide any valid life lessons. That would mean that you and the billion other people with your same sign would all be following the same path.

There is a simple explanation for this:

There are 10 Planets

Most of us have only been exposed to the astrological predictions we read in newspapers which only take into account the position of the sun at one's birth.

When we are born, there are 10 planets which are configured over 12 houses in a very precise and individual way.  If we look closely enough and can interpret the symbols, we are privy to an intricate story – the life we came here to lead…or not.

A chart presents us with options, not imperatives.

While continually reflecting on my own purpose, I have discovered that a large part of my own personal mission is to help others discover their own unique paths.